6 Proven Strategies to Acquire New Commercial Cleaning Contracts


Getting new cleaning contracts is hard. Oftentimes, you’ll spend a lot of time cold calling and emailing prospects with little to show for it. Today, we will provide you with 6 proven strategies to help you acquire new cleaning contracts.

From the importance of following up with leads, to using the right tools to create a high-quality database, these strategies will help you take your sales (and your commercial cleaning company) to the next level, so let’s get started!

6 Proven Strategies to Acquire New Commercial Cleaning Contracts 4

Commercial Cleaning Is All About Following Up

Simply put, wasting leads is the fastest way to ruin your marketing efforts. Significant time and money will be invested in tracking down as many quality leads as possible, so letting some of those leads slip through the cracks in the follow-up process is an expensive mistake. Taking your sales process to the next level requires both mastering the art of following up and consistently executing the strategies you put in place.  

Make sure you stay persistent with your follow-up efforts regarding commercial cleaning clients. 

There are more than a few ways to follow up with potential clients. If you want to optimize the leads you’ve converted, then combining all these factors together will pay off.

Consider the statistics here to understand better why following up is so important:  

  • Only 2% of all sales will be made during the initial point of contact. 
  • Failure to follow-up results in losing up to 98% of your total sales leads. 
  • Only 3% of prospects sign up the second time you contact them. 
  • 5% say “yes” the third time you contact them. 
  • Between the fifth and 12th contact is when 80% of leads tend to buy into what you are selling. 

As you can see, following up with leads is ongoing progress. You have to keep going if you get a “no” or “I don’t know” with the third, fifth, or even 10th contact. Being consistent will pay off, and while it takes time, it’s something that you have to put time and effort into. 

Finding a good DATABASE is the foundation of most marketing initiatives.

Your marketing efforts are only as good and effective as the foundation on which you build them. Making sure that your lead or contact list is right and organized is more important today than it has ever been in the past. The landscape is more competitive than ever, and without an accurate target database, it will be impossible to keep up and ensure that you take the proper steps at the proper time. 

The creation of a database for lead nurturing or research purposes is not something that will be quick or even easy. You may own some of the data you need for this, but having to augment with various external sources, like social data, provides the intelligence needed to ensure proper communications and marketing. 

Cold Calling – is one of the best ways to generate appointments.

While cold calling isn’t something most people want to engage in, it can be effective. As a commercial cleaning company, you can use this method to help you achieve the success you are looking for on behalf of your business. If you want to build a sizable list of leads that you can gradually turn into a growing list of paying clients, you need to be cold-calling. It’s just that simple.


LinkedIn: The most underutilized tool in the cleaning industry

LinkedIn is a platform used by hundreds of millions of people yet is dramatically underutilized by marketers. You may already have a LinkedIn profile to represent your professional life to the world. Yet, you might not have ever thought about how to leverage the potential of this platform to your benefit. We strongly believe that commercial cleaning companies dramatically underutilize LinkedIn, and we’d like to encourage you to give it a closer look when planning your next marketing campaigns.

It can help you find new leads and potential clients that will help improve your cleaning company’s growth and success. 

Keep in mind that, unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn targets professionals. If you are targeting this audience to sell your services to, it makes sense to ensure that your business is found here. Create a page and share testimonials and information about what you do. Be sure to add value to the conversation, and make sure to filter potential leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. No one wants a “hard sale” every time they get on the platform. This is one of the fastest ways to cause people to go elsewhere and ignore what you have to offer completely. 

Pay-Per-Click Marketing: Google Ads 

This strategy is about Pay Per Click Marketing, why it should be integrated into your overall strategy, and how you can run an effective program that can drive a nice, profitable business for you and your company. 

Why PPC Should Be Part of Your Overall Online Marketing Strategy

PPC provides several advantages over traditional SEO. Some of the main advantages include the following:

  • Start showing up quickly.
  • Show up as often as possible where your customers are looking.
  • Show up for non-geo-modified terms that are related to your service offering.

When you invest in PPC, it will help ensure things get started right away, unlike traditional SEO that helps your website appear in organic search rankings. This is also true compared to building links, creating a website, and ensuring you have properly optimized your website pages. All these processes take time to work. What you do today and tomorrow will pay off over time, but not right away, which can be discouraging if you need to generate new leads and clients now. 

By investing in PPC advertising, you can create a campaign and begin to see your ads generate results in just a few days – at most. It can help to drive quality traffic, especially when you really want to be visible. We have taken the time to look at the differences in paid listings, map listings, and organic listings to determine what provided the best and fastest results. 

For example, if you are a commercial cleaning company, use PPC advertising during the most active months of the year when companies provide their services in high volume. Having a pay-per-click ad that shows up somewhere at the top of SERPs (search engine results pages), on the map, and in the organic section is important. 

Another appealing factor of PPC is that it’s easy to adjust your ads and what you spend. You can run multiple ads simultaneously with different headlines and content to see which generates the most conversions. When you figure this out, you can replicate it across all the ads you create. This will help you see the highest ROI (return on investment) possible for the money you have put into the ads. 

No Leads Left Behind, get real cleaning contracts without spending advertising dollars.

This program created by us will empower you and your sales team to create a system that will make following up with your leads easier than ever before. You will have the right message to deliver to your leads at precisely the right time. Also, you can build up a pipeline of prospects to consistently bring new leads into the fold and turn them into customers as frequently as possible. 

As you can see, a few elements go into generating and closing new commercial cleaning clients. While this is true, it isn’t impossible, and once you have a system in place, you will see how valuable it can be to your business and your success. 

6 Proven Strategies to Acquire New Commercial Cleaning Contracts 5

If you are ready for your business to become a lead-generating machine, we can help. With over three years of experience working with commercial cleaning companies exclusively and over a decade in the digital marketing arena, you can count on our professionals to help you achieve the success you want, need, and deserve. We have unique programs that have successfully generated, engaged, and closed leads. 

To Wrap Up…

The truth is the modern competitive atmosphere of the commercial cleaning business is in a state that makes it impossible to leave leads behind. You have to pursue every lead that comes in, and you have to make sure to knock on the door of the right decision-makers when building your database. However, the only way you can do this is with a plan. 

We hope that these 6 different strategies are of use when it comes to getting new (and more) commercial cleaning contracts, and if you need help executing all that, we are here to help you create a unique strategy for your business, target audience, and needs! Just schedule a free consultation or check more info about our services at cleaninginmotion.com 

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