Google Ads For Cleaning Companies: The Quickest Way Of Getting Commercial Cleaning Clients.


If you’ve already set aside money for ads to help you reach more commercial cleaning prospects, it’s only right that you spend it on the right platform. And what better option than Google, a platform that processes over 8.5 billion daily searches?

Google ads are your best shot at ensuring that your customers find you when they need commercial cleaning services. The ads push you directly to the search engine’s first page.

Google ads for cleaning businesses fall under pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, a form of advertising where you pay Google only when someone clicks on the ad or leaves an impression.

This article will delve deeper into PPC, how it works, its benefits, and recommendations on how to make it work for your commercial cleaning business.

What Is Pay-per-Click Marketing?

PPC is a form of marketing that requires you to pay a fee for your website to appear at the top of search engine result pages when people search for specific phrases and keywords related to our services.

Search engines such as Google display your ads directly to visitors, such that the ads are the first thing they see before scrolling through the organic search results. You’ll pay a fee every time a potential customer clicks on your ad.

janitorial services google ads
Google Results Page when looking for “janitorial services in tampa bay”

How Does PPC Work?

Choosing your keywords

To get started on PPC, you should bid on keywords relevant to your commercial cleaning company. These are the keywords you want to display in your ads. For instance, you can bid on terms such as  “commercial cleaning services” or “office janitorial services.”

Keyword search tools will help you find the most relevant keywords based on search volume. After finding the relevant keywords, you can create an ad and set it in your preferred search engine platform.

Setting Bids

The next step is setting bids for how high you want your ad to appear in the ad section of search results. Besides your bid price, the advertising network will consider other factors, such as ad extensions and the quality score, to determine where to rank your ad. The quality score considers your ad’s quality depending on the landing page experience, click-through rate, and relevance.

So as you can see, when people are searching for products and services, search engines will perform a complex algorithmic calculation based on your ad auction. The results of these calculations will influence your ad’s ranking position. The better your quality score, the lower your cost per click will be for top positions.

How Can PPC Benefit Your Commercial Cleaning Business?

If PPC marketing is on your radar, you’ll want to know how it can benefit your commercial cleaning business. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Google Ads for your business:

Quick Results

With PPC advertising, you can get immediate results, which is not the case with SEO campaigns. For an SEO campaign, you’ll need time to set up a website, build links,  and optimize content, which could take months before you see any results.

As a result, Google Ads are an excellent complement to your SEO campaigns. With Google Ads, you’ll be able to set up an ad campaign within a few minutes and start getting visibility. You can start driving traffic to your website and generating leads within a few days.

Showing up When Your Customers Are Looking For You

When someone is searching for commercial cleaning services in Google, they’ll be presented with ads from different service providers. If you have an ad running and your bid is competitive enough, Google will display it on the search engine results page.

Pair that with an SEO & GMB strategy, and you will be able to appear up to 3 times on the first page of Google, this way, potential customers can find you quickly and easily.

ezgif.com gif maker 2
A commercial cleaning business appearing 3 times on Google Results Page

Such visibility is especially vital during peak times when more people search for commercial cleaning services. They’ll be presented with your ad, potentially increasing their chances of choosing your services.

Targeted Visibility

PPC allows you to target specific audiences likely to convert into customers. Google Ads, for example, allows you to specify who should see your ads based on their location and other criteria such as interests and behaviors.

This way, you can get more targeted traffic to your website without wasting time and money on irrelevant visitors. When Google Ads understands who is converting the most for you, it’ll start showing your ads to similar audiences with higher accuracy.

With Google ads, you can also target people browsing particular websites. As a result, it’s easy to target your ads toward people who look up commercial cleaning services and show your ad to them.

Showing Up for Non-GEO-Modified Terms Related to Your Service Offering

PPC allows your website to show up for terms you would not rank for if you used SEO alone. In most cases, SEO will rank you higher if you optimize for geo-modified terms such as “commercial cleaning companies in California” or “office janitorial service near me.”

With Google Ads, you can target people searching for services on Google, and who may not be location-specific. This means your ads will appear when people search for “commercial cleaning services” and not just “commercial cleaning services in California.”

Easy To Run Mobile PPC Campaigns

You can run a mobile PPC campaign to target people who need commercial cleaning services urgently. Mobile users will most likely not spend time browsing through various pages to determine the company that best suits their needs. When they run a search using their mobile devices, search engines will show ads from different companies, giving them multiple options.

If you have an ad running for mobile users, they will most likely click on it and call you. You only need to ensure that you display your contact information prominently on the landing page so they can contact you easily.

How To Make PPC Work for Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Now that you understand PPC and how it can help your commercial cleaning business, you might wonder how to ensure it gets you more commercial clients. Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of Google ads:

Set Up Different Ad Groups for Your Different Services

Your commercial cleaning business will most likely offer more than one type of service. These could include banking, daycare, hotel, and fitness center cleaning services, among other services.

You should have different text ads and landing pages for each service so that you can target the right people and increase your chances of getting conversions.

When you only use a single ad group for all your services, all clicks on your ad will lead to a single landing page that will most likely not have what people are looking for. Your campaign won’t convert, and you’ll have a high cost per click.

Create a Compeling Text AD

Your Google text ad should be concise and give users a good idea of what you have to offer. The headline should grab the attention of your potential customers, and the description should explain what sets you apart from your competition.

You’ll also want to include a strong call to action in your ad so that people know what they need to do. You should also include the CTA on your landing page. In this case, you should ensure that your ad links to specific pages for each service you offer instead of the home page.


Run Split Tests for Your Different Ad Groups


Split tests allow you to determine which of your Google ads are performing better and why. Split testing will show which ads have a high CTR. You can abandon the ads with a low CTR and focus your resources on those performing better.

Alternatively, you can create new ads and optimize them for higher conversions. You can test different headlines, descriptions, images, and CTAs to determine what works best for your business.

Determine Whether To Use Broad, Phrase, or Exact Match Keywords

The Google Ads keyword match type will help you determine which keywords to use in your ad campaigns. Broad match keywords are generic, meaning that Google ads will show your ads for related terms.

For phrase-match keywords, your ads may show on searches that include your keyword’s meaning. Exact match keywords are even more specific, as they will only show your ads to users who search for the exact keyword.

Pay Attention To Negative Keywords

Negative keywords refer to words or phrases you don’t want to appear for in search engine results. An example would be residential cleaning if you only offer commercial cleaning services.

Setting up negative keywords will isolate you from any bidding process involving the keyword. It will ensure that you don’t pay for irrelevant clicks.

Get More Cleaning Clients With Google Ads for Cleaning Business

PPC can help you reach potential customers online when they’re looking for you. So, focus on learning how to launch and optimize Google ads for cleaning businesses to start enjoying high traffic and a conversion rate.

If you would like professional help setting up Google Ads campaigns for your commercial cleaning business, our team at Cleaning in Motion is here to help. We offer different digital janitorial marketing services to help you build your online presence and find more potential clients.

Schedule a consultation session with one of our experts to learn how the Cleaning in Motion team can help you. You can also check out our book for a detailed explanation of how to use different sales and marketing tactics to succeed in the commercial marketing industry.

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