99 Catchy Subject Lines for Business Emails (for Cleaning Companies)

Best email subject lines

As a commercial cleaning company owner, you probably know that there is no general rule to reach all of your clients or prospects. That’s why there’s no one email type or subject or content that applies to everyone; you’ve got different customers, from schools to movie theaters, to offices, to auto dealerships, to malls, to anything in between. Because they’re all different, you need different approaches.

In this post, we will give you 99 TESTED and PROVEN catchy subject lines that you can take and use and change (a bit). Though this post is not just about subject lines; we’re going to identify the eight key components of subject lines and a bit of a look into the best of the best email subject lines as well. 

Best email subject lines

After reading this post you should be able to use these subject lines for a better email marketing campaign… which was probably the reason why you came here in the first place. 

But before we dwell on the matter, let’s take a look at what makes a good subject line. This way, if you exhaust the lines we provide you with, you can always know how to make new ones:

The 8 Key Components of a Great Subject Line

best email subject line 1

1: A subject line talks about self-interest 

Self-interest subject lines help pre-qualify those who will open your email and gives them a clue about what’s inside. They tend to be direct and focus on the benefits of opening the email.

2: A subject line can talk incite curiosity

This rule is the exact opposite of the one before. These pique the interest of receivers by giving them a bit too much information and making them open the email. It can be overused and gets old fast, so beware. 

3: Best email subject lines offer something

Because everyone likes free stuff, buying when on sale, and getting something for nothing. 

4: A subject line transmits urgency

These are the most powerful emails because they tell readers they must act now. Use them sparingly, as they can cause list exhaustion. 

5: Best email subject lines must remain human

Don’t forget a human is going to read your email and it makes much more sense if your email reads as if written by a real person. Thanking your subscribers or making human appeals gets their attention. 

6: Show them the news

Best email subject lines must be current, so informing your audience about new and interesting stuff that has happened and that’s why you’re sending the email s crucial. When combined with curiosity, you’ve got a good thing going!

7: Give them social proof

As humans, we are often led by example, so when you see someone has been successful, you are more likely to engage in the same behavior. Use that in the subject; mention their success, their name, or how many people have benefited from doing it.

8: Tell a story

Teasing the beginning of a story in your subject is a great introduction to point out the benefit of opening the message. 

Our Top 10 Email Subject Lines 

best email subject line 2

(the remaining, promised ones will be below this section)

10. How to keep up with digital marketing… 🏃💨

9. Why my first business failed

8. Something BIG is coming

7. Holy crap… 5,106?!?!

6. 3 Rules for Marketing During a Crisis

5. 🥺 80% off gone in 3…2…1…

4. BYE?

3. Get Certified for a Franchise for $95?

2. CLOSING down in 3…2…1…?

1. ⚠️ FINAL Chance for free access!

Combine scarcity, emojis, short words, and any of the content we mentioned above and you are sure to have an email to be opened.

Look at the rest of our top-of-the-line email subject lines and look at how we just tick them off, one by one!

  • ISSUE #17: A match made in…?
  • A note to our community
  • Really? Really!
  • 10 things every commercial cleaner should know
  • 60 seconds to clean?
  • How we nearly TRIPLED our open rates
  • [ISSA2022 POWERPOINT] Leroy Jenkins!
  • Sales are slipping through your fingers
  • Are you skipping ISSA 2022?
  • 🧠 Smartest investment ever?
  • Stop it.
  • The lab is now free through the end of August
  • It’s like 7 conferences in 1
  • The Terminator Is Coming To ISSA 2022
  • 1.4 billion views?
  • [GRAPHIC] Lessons from 2021
  • Issue #22: pick 3…
  • [VIDEO] My full ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene 2022 Presentation
  • A new workshop turns your email list into an 🏧
  • CLOSING down soon?
  • [LAST CHANCE] 72% off sale ends today
  • 5-day marketing challenge (starts today)
  • 💥 95% of product launches fail (here’s why)
  • We found “hidden pots of cash” in your business 💵 💵
  • The CRAZIEST marketing statistic I’ve ever heard
  • YOU a certified marketing specialist? (FOR FREE?!)
  • READ: Our 11 Cleaning Book Recommendations
  • People really hate THIS
  • why your email open rates are slipping…
  • Email Newsletter Workshop closing tonight?
  • REMINDER: $1000 Off ISSA tickets gone at midnight
  • [CLEANING MARKETERS] Build a Sequence that Primes Subscribers
  • 2-3x you email open rates?
  • You’ll be paying $800 more next week
  • Will you also 3x your business at ISSA?
  • Last chance to try Lab for FREE!
  • No marketer should miss this…
  • [LIMITED TIME] The $9 plan for TikTok ads that convert
  • Are you losing ground to competitors?
  • open rates in the toilet? (we’ve been there)
  • [VIDEO] Want help selling your “boring” product?
  • %FIRSTNAME% – Your 9-Step Email Conversion Templates are here!
  • [FLASH SALE] The 1-Minute Video Ad Playbook
  • Insider #26: our glossiest issue yet
  • %FIRSTNAME% – Don’t Miss Out!
  • [READ] How we’re going back to “business as usual”…
  •  ????
  • got 27 bucks?
  • whoops!
  • Get Lab FREE (No Trial, No Credit Card, No Upsell)
  • Let’s work on your marketing…together!
  • [CLOSING] No time to write sales emails?
  • The napkin that cleaned up a $248k mess
  • 😳 84% OFF gone in 3…2…1…
  • %FIRSTNAME%’s (less than) 10-hour warning
  • The lowest price EVER for ⚡ Copywriting Mastery⚡
  • Email Newsletter Workshop closing soon?
  • $55 today, $997 tomorrow
  • [CLOSING SOON] $6 for my Sales Boosting Bullets Playbook
  • Our Greatest Hits of Copywriting
  • Stop binge-watching our training!
  • How to slip past your prospect’s “promo-dar” 📡
  • ICYMI – your refund
  • Free Training: 3x Your Sales In 6 Months?
  • WATCH: 10 Movies Every Marketer Should Watch
  • Feeling 🤩🎉 or 😨😱?
  • You’re about to miss out…
  • Vacation, all we ever wanted
  • I’m closing the doors…
  • 🛑 STOP blogging. Start splintering.
  • 🛑 Stop binge-watching our training!
  • [SWIPE] Our 2022 Holiday Marketing Plan
  • The “Post-Resignation” reboot?
  • %FIRSTNAME% – Last day to SAVE ⏰
  • [GRAPH] Ready for your sales to look like this?
  • Free access expiring SOON
  • This REALLY ticks me off
  • SWIPE: 15 tools & templates for video ads that SELL
  • Bad news
  • RSVP: Free training this time tomorrow?
  • HATE writing your own emails?
  • 🔊You gotta see this, %FIRSTNAME%
  • no such thing as a “failed” video ad?
  • I’m getting rid of my 11 mastery courses TONIGHT
  • 🖱(Ctrl)+C & (Ctrl) + V
  • Too many good ideas? STOP. 🛑




At least those are 99 of them. 

We’ve learned a bit during our time writing emails. For example, we’ve learned that using {{NAME}} in our subject lines worked a lot better than in previous years. 

Also, our average subject line was 6 words and that worked out great. But our Top 5 were of that many works. 

Our Advice for You

There isn’t really a “golden subject line formula”, and that’s a great thing! Formulas lead to getting used to something, which leads to stagnation, which leads to a lack of innovation, and every other subject line (in this case) looks the same. 

{{NAME}} worked this year and emojis too, but maybe next year emojis will be out and people will want to be called by their surname. However, it’s not a matter of “who knows”, because there are best practices and guidelines to follow, always. But a little creativity goes a long way and as long as you test your subjects, you should be good. 

See? There is a formula, after all. 

best email subject line 3

If you can say this post has helped you create better emails and fuel your creativity, then our work is done. Now it’s your turn. 🙂

But if you’re still hungry for more and want to schedule a talk with us, this link is yours.

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