Decoding the Perfect Hire: Unveiling the Secrets to Building a High-Performing Team


Coming up on today’s episode of The Cleaning in Motion Show, we have a special guest joining us, Jonathan Whistman. Get ready to tap your feet to the rhythm as Jonathan compares building a successful company to the vibrancy of a jazz club. He’s here to share his insights on creating an energetic atmosphere that attracts and motivates employees, just like how a jazz club draws in passersby with its captivating music. Plus, Jonathan will delve into his book, “The Sales Boss,” where he explores the secrets to building high-performance sales teams. Tune in as we uncover the key strategies for hiring the right people, designing an effective structure, and motivating success. Let’s get ready to clean up our business practices and groove to success with Jonathan Whistman on The Cleaning in Motion Show!

From Scrub to Shine: Enabling Success in Commercial Cleaning Unit Franchises


Join us in this insightful episode of The Cleaning in Motion Show as we delve into the captivating story of Michele Nichols and Evelyn Cervantes. Michele, the owner of Stratus of West Michigan, and Evelyn, a passionate team member, share their inspiring journey of entering the commercial cleaning industry. Discover how they embraced the well-crafted business model of Stratus Building Solutions, their dedication to helping others succeed, and the unique challenges and opportunities they encountered along the way. Gain valuable insights into the selection process for potential franchisees, the importance of effective communication and support within the Hispanic market, and their optimistic outlook on the future of the cleaning industry. Don’t miss this empowering episode packed with knowledge and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in the cleaning industry.

Scaling Success in Commercial Cleaning: Best Practices and Lessons Learned


Join us in this episode as we sit down with Ryan Robertson, Vice President of SSG East – Stratus Building Solution. Ryan shares his journey in the commercial cleaning industry, starting as a college student and rising to franchise leadership. He discusses the changes and growth in the industry, marketing and sales strategies, hiring and training sales reps, and the advantages of investing in a franchise. Ryan also shares his preparation for the potential 2023 recession and leaves us with his advice for success in the cleaning industry. Tune in for valuable insights and inspiration.

The Importance of Partnerships in the Commercial Cleaning

The importance off partnerships

Have you ever wondered what other cleaning companies face in the industry? This week on Cleaning in Motion, Sam talks all things commercial cleaning with the regional manager of Stratus Building Solution in Portland, Scott Sitton. Scott lets us know how he’s cultivated a team he can count on and developed longstanding relationships with clients. He also tells Sam about competitive pricing, surviving recessions, and how he’s grown his business throughout the years. Tune in to hear more about what makes for a successful commercial cleaning company and how you can have a successful commercial cleaning franchise.

How To Develop A Winning Team And Get Great Reviews For Your Commercial Cleaning Company

How To Develop

Samuel Klein continues his conversation with Laura Riccino and finds out how she created her long-standing staff. From hiring processes to assessing performance, Laura details how she created a trustworthy team and why they choose to stay with her JAN-PRO franchise. Laura also talks about reviews and how to foster a positive relationship to bolster client retention. Subscribe to our podcast to get updates on the commercial cleaning industry and hear how you can make your cleaning business thrive.

Grow And Maintain Your Commercial Cleaning Business Through Meaningful Connections

Grow and Maintain

Join Samuel Klein and Laura Riccino as they discuss all things commercial cleaning. In this part one of two episodes, Sam learns how Laura became a JAN-PRO franchise owner, what she’s learned from being in the sales industry, what she does to retain clients long-term, and how to build a reliable team. Listen as Laura offers invaluable advice on creating a solid foundation for your business, which she gleaned from her 20-plus years of experience as a franchise owner. Subscribe to our podcast to get updates on the commercial cleaning industry and hear how you can make your cleaning business thrive.

Introducing The Cleaning in Motion Show: A Special Podcast For Cleaning Business Owners To Take Their Company To The Next Level

The Cleaning in Motion Show

You know that feeling when you’re so excited about something and can’t wait? Well, we are pretty pumped about launching this show! The Cleaning in Motion Show is here to take your cleaning business from good, all the way up to greatness with amazing hacks and tactics that will make you feel like a top entrepreneur. Today’s episode will cover a few big topics, but we will narrow down what is yet to come in the first season with your host Samuel Klein.

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