Elevating Janitorial Business Performance with EOS: Key Insights and Strategies


Get ready to elevate your cleaning business with “The Cleaning in Motion Show,” where Lyn Askin, a renowned EOS implementer, and our host Samuel Klein, guide you on a transformative journey.

This episode reveals Lyn’s personal experience of tripling his revenue and enhancing team effectiveness through the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). Samuel adds his expertise on avoiding workaholism and improving team alignment. Together, they dive into EOS principles, offering practical advice on setting clear expectations and aligning your team with your company’s vision and core values.

Learn how to optimize every aspect of your business, from management to daily workflows, and turn operational challenges into opportunities for growth.

Tune in to discover powerful strategies that will help you streamline your operations and outshine the competition.

Lyn Askin’s Socials: https://lynaskin.com/linktree

Behind Anago’s Success: Adam Povlitz on Building a Cleaning Powerhouse


In this in-depth episode of “The Cleaning in Motion Show,” join our host Sam Klein, as he sits down with Adam Povlitz, CEO of Anago Cleaning Systems, to explore his unique journey from corporate finance to leading a national commercial cleaning franchise.

Adam delves into Anago’s origins, sharing how a family venture in Florida blossomed into an industry-leading powerhouse nationwide. Discover the pivotal role of strategic hiring to assemble resilient teams, the art of sales, and the crucial balance between leveraging technology and maintaining personal connections in business.

Packed with strategic insights and personal anecdotes, this episode offers invaluable lessons on leadership, growth, and the future of commercial cleaning.

Link to the book discussed throughout the episode: https://shorturl.at/uvSX0

Redefining the Future of Janitorial Operations


In this enlightening episode of Cleaning in Motion, we’re joined by Gerald Fong, serial entrepreneur from Silicon Valley and CEO of BrightGo, to discuss innovation in the commercial cleaning industry.

Gerald, with his rich background in tech and software, brings a fresh perspective to the challenges and opportunities within janitorial operations. The episode provides a deep dive into Gerald’s transition from the tech world, where he contributed to major initiatives at companies like Facebook and Instagram, to leading the charge in modernizing commercial cleaning operations with BrightGo.

Sam and Gerald’s conversation sheds light on the critical need for innovation in the industry, focusing on improving workforce management, enhancing quality control, and tackling the pervasive issue of time theft.

As Gerald shares his insights and experiences, listeners will gain an understanding of how BrightGo’s solutions are making a tangible difference in the commercial cleaning sector.

The discussion goes beyond the surface to explore the emotional and numerical benefits better operational control can bring to businesses, from increasing efficiency and payroll accuracy to transforming overall business management.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of technology and commercial cleaning, offering valuable entrepreneurial insights and showcasing how innovative solutions like BrightGo are setting new standards for the industry.

Elevating Customer Experiences: Dan Gingiss and Sam Klein Share Winning Strategies


Welcome to The Cleaning in Motion Show! In this episode, we have a dynamic conversation between Samuel Klein, our host, and the insightful Dan Gingiss, a distinguished keynote speaker and customer consulting expert. Samuel emphasizes the importance of being receptive to feedback in order to enhance customer experiences and retain clients, while Dan focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to personalize customer experiences in the commercial cleaning industry. They both share valuable insights on learning from positive experiences in various businesses and the significance of observing the customer’s perspective to ensure their needs are met. You’ll also learn about the WISER methodology for creating remarkable customer experiences and how to turn feedback into actionable steps to improve the customer experience. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to uncover the secrets to enhancing customer experiences in the commercial cleaning industry.

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